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CLAIRE is everywhere, when you can't be

Simple, Scalable and Solution Focused

Automate up to 40% of all common and complex tenant communications, increase revenue, build strong growth and profitability in your business and reduce the demand on your existing property managers, without increasing the size of your team.

Innovative, Industry Leading Technology


Cloud based infrastructure in your business is vital to your long term success in this industry. We partner with only the most advanced technology platforms to provide the most valuable solutions for increasing your bottom line. 

Our valued integration partners are PropertyMe and VaultRE with other platforms available soon.

Quick, consistent and professional.

Support your business in serving multi-generational clients with vastly different needs and capabilities, while maintaining the highest quality service. 

AI driven communication support on SMS, Google Suite, Email, and coming soon to Facebook Messenger and Amazon Alexa.

  • SMS
  • Google Suite
  • Email
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Amazon Alexa

Facebook Messenger & Amazon Alexa Coming Soon

Efficient end-to-end Solution

Support tenants  immediately with highly responsive communication solutions while ensuring compliance documentation automated &  entered in your property management software in real time, never missing a beat.

AI does the time consuming, highly detailed back-ground work.



Property Realm can support your business to increase the revenue, the ability to provide a premium service and the demonstration of a very clear point of difference in your market.

Industry Leading Technology
Increased Efficiency
Increased Managements
New Revenue
Your brand's personal concierge.
Show the value of your superior service with these unrivalled benefits.
  • Increased revenue in your business as a result of growth in both new managements and AI driven revenue streams that don’t exist anywhere else in the market.
  • Consistent and professional communications every single time. Leave no room for error or things falling through the cracks.
  •  Compliance documentation automated &  entered in your property management software in real time.
  • Attract and retain talented dedicated staff to your business.
  • Allow staff to focus on the higher value relationship building interactions and revenue generating activities.
  • Prospective landlords can have confidence in you as an Industry leader, dedicated to growth, with the most advanced technology available, right now. 
  • The FIRST true Industry specific AI driven assistant.



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