Real Insights into Real Estate

REINSW CEO Tim McKibbin recently hosted a video series on a range of topical issues in real estate, including the impact of big data and how technology is changing the industry.

Tim was joined by Patrick Hill, Founder and CEO of Real Insights and REINSW Board Director, Brett Hunter, General Manager at Raine & Horne Terrigal – Avoca Beach.

The interviews, filmed by Real Insights, are available to watch online here.

The issues discussed included:

  • The impact of big data on our industry. Click here to watch.
  • Insightful decisions. Principal in recruitment, sales manager in performance, measuring and coaching, vendor in selecting the agent, and buyer in understanding the marketplace. Click here to watch.
  • Conversion and differentiation. How the vendor is interested in the measurable difference between agents; how to stand out in a flooded market and succeed. Click here to watch.
  • Psychology of the vendor. How the vendor’s psychology drives the decision-making process. Click here to watch.
  • Performance management. What every agency owner should be doing to drive growth and agent performance. Click here to watch.
  • How technology, big data and smart agents are changing the industry. Click here to watch. 

One Comment

  1. James

    Great.. Like this big data stuff, needs demystifying because for the average agent its not our core competency.

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