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Modern real estate agents are creating their own brands in the digital world, ultimately scaling their personal network online.

They are building their online presence and ensuring their name is front of mind when it comes time to sell. This tested approach takes time with regular focused content. But how do you reduce the time and effort needed to get there? Social media experts should be focused not on the regular content creation or management but on creating strategic high value engagements. So Realm Created Promo. Automated Real Estate Specific Content based on the Agents activity, branded and shareable with one click.

Are you a professional in the Real Estate industry wanting to help agents create a flawless digital presence? If you consider yourself a leader in your speciality, we invite you to learn more about our platform.


The evolution of Realm as the ecosystem for all things communicated in the Real Estate Industry is well underway.


With close to 2000 users, from the last 8 weeks of operation alone, Realm is growing quickly. The platform now boasts 3rd Party API Messaging, Group & Team Chat, the original news platform we started with and many 3rd party integrations for reduced workflow costs from multi-platform interactions.
This now includes the Realm Partner Network for Marketers, Social Media Experts and Head Offices.

Realm has partnered with Real Insights on a product called Promo. Effectively, it provides automated social media content, branded and controlled by Head office giving control over the brand online. These templates will be auto filled with agents’ new listings (for sale, for lease) and wins (sold properties) and delivered to Agents & Property Managers for easy social media sharing.

In order to integrate effectively with boutique offices, head offices and super offices we are offering an opportunity for market leading social media experts to become a part of our partner network as the newest offering from Realm goes live this week.

Partners would gain:
1. Monthly regular revenue streams
2. Provide their clients with market leading valuable social media branding tools
3. Gain client referrals from Realm Provided Leads

The opportunity for professionals to become a part of the Realm Partner Network is limited. We are accepting only a few partners in the initial stages and will only keep those that are active in their area of operation.


To apply to become a part of Realm’s partner network, apply now with your contact details, to info@propertyrealm.com.au

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