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The evolution of the real estate industry’s communication ecosystem is well underway with Australia’s first dedicated publishing app now available.

These days, we’re all drowning in a constant deluge of email, digital and social media communications. In fact, research shows that the average worker receives 120 emails per day – and real estate agents are by no means ‘average’! With this in mind, real estate innovator Realm Australia has launched Property Realm – a dedicated real estate publishing app and platform.

Curated content Patrick Hill, CEO of Realm Australia, explained that the free app provides agents with access to personalised, multi-channel, industry specific alerts directly to their smartphones. “Realm delivers a news feed with the latest industry updates from the REIs, as well as the most up-to-date content and expert commentary from sources like The Real Estate Conversation, Real Estate Business, Domain, realestate.com.au, realcommercial.com.au and other leading news services,” he said.

One ecosystem “After talking with the CEOs of the REIs, we realised the way the real estate industry communicates was ripe for disruption,”Patrick said. “Realm wants to help bring the industry together and deliver better outcomes under a single communication platform. “With Realm, we’ve created a communications ecosystem. The platform boasts third party API messaging, group and team chat (including the ability to communicate with head office), news feed and many other integrations to enable increased workflow efficiencies across multiplatform interactions.” Realm also offers agents a means of social media cooperation, including the Realm Partner Network for Marketers, plus connectivity to social media thought leaders.

Pathway to professionalism official app John Cunningham, Chair of the REIA Professionalism Committee explained that Realm is supporting the Pathway to Professionalism project. “By embracing Realm, agents can enter the era of the professional agent,” he said. “The app will play a significant role in the transformation of our industry into a profession.”

Since officially launching in April 2018, almost 3,000 users have signed up to Realm. “This represents exponential growth, which shows no sign of slowing down,” Patrick said. “The adoption of Realm is an exciting first step towards bringing the industry closer together and we have lots planned in the coming months. Watch this space!” To find out more about Realm, go to propertyrealm.com.au

“Realm wants to help bring the industry together and deliver better outcomes under a single communication platform.”

WANT REALM?  SMS ‘Realm’ to 0428 243 690 to receive a download link straight to your smartphone.

Real Estate Journal SEP/OCT 2018

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