Could Robots replace property managers?

Robots are replacing property managers NOW!

Are you worried about robots in the real estate space? Don’t be, they are here to help!

It’s no secret that there is a high turnover of property management staff in the industry. Imagine being able to address some of the top causes of this costly dynamic in your business. If your property managers are stressed and burnt out, have low job satisfaction and are dis-empowered by clunky, inefficient systems, Property Realm can address all of those for you immediately. Your property managers can focus their energy and attention on the tasks that matter most, while you automate the monotonous and time consuming part of their workload.

Property Realm is an artificial intelligence that is designed to support your property managers in their daily tasks by eliminating the need for up to 40% of first contact calls from your tenants. Available to your whole rent roll now, your tenants can ask the Artificial Intelligence their basic questions about their tenancy, renter rights, bond information, maintenance requests and much more. More Info Here.


We’ve helped with automating some of the most soul sucking of tasks and allowed property managers to feel a renewed energy and passion for their work.

What is it costing you to NOT innovate?

Automate Communications and Time on SMS, Cloud, Email

Save Time

Increase Sales

Find New Revenue

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