Private channels for your organisation means less email and more cut through. Enable your users with Realm Industry Now!

Why Real Estate "HANGS OUT" with Realm?

Instant Push Alerts

Alerts and updates direct to the mobile phone. Now you are in the know direct to your finger tips.

Market Updates

Members get to choose their areas of interest by operating area. Realm notifies them when new listings, sold or anything in the area happens.

Market Trends

We provide daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual data trend reports. Direct to your phone as a morning alert. You know whats happening as it happens.

Team Chat and News

Collaboration as a Group or Team has never been so easy in Real Estate. Members can chat with information cards directly in the chat window about what is happening right now.

What about the API?

Simple Messaging via Simple Web Service

Inside your own private messaging channel, agents (your users) can be messaged

directly when they need to know or action something with a link back to the action

item in your software.

Announce software changes, updates, training, webinars and more on your public or private channel.

View our documentation on the API via swagger. You can review, plan your integration and see the API working.  


c# .Net Client Wrapper
Type Script Wrapper

Time to Get Going!

Fill out the below form to get your keys, development guide and access to the sand box testing system.

Our API provides very simple access with simple calls. Your development time could be as little as 1 hour from start to end for a good developer. 

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Beautiful Content Mobile Enabled

Your published content arrives on the mobile device formatted and delivered on time. Leverage your existing content on the mobile, in the agents hand, top of mind.

Push Alerts

Content arrives on the agents mobile device with push alerts to notify the agent of new content. That alert can then be viewed on their feed, saved and responded to if is a poll.

On Time & Scheduled

Enterprise & highly scaled systems means you can schedule your content to tens of thousands of recipients and it will arrive on a schedule you decide. Giving maximum impact and consumption.


Publish multiple choice, yes/no, free text or ranking polls. Giving you immediate feedback and maximum response rate because the poll is on the their mobile device where your audience likes to hang out.


Publish articles with a link to the original content. This allows you to leverage existing content and then push the agent to read more from an online source (web page) without leaving Realm, making the process seamless, unlike email and other communication platforms.


Publish information in short text alerts. Quick snap shots of info, training and tips. Give your audience an instant message and keep you at top of mind, with their engagement on track and in line with the dialogue you want to create.

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