Property Realm & Technology Partner, Raine & Horne Terrigal awarded Australian Real Estate Business INNOVATOR OF THE YEAR 2019

September 16, 2019

• By adopting world first Artificial Intelligence and voice recognition technology, the firm’s tenants have direct access to their tenancy record and can interact with the AI to report maintenance issues, receive their rental ledger directly and initiate over 50 other common points of contact.

• Local real estate innovator, Raine & Horne Terrigal has been named the INNOVATOR OF THE YEAR in 2019 at the Real Estate Business Awards in Sydney last Thursday,  besting over 50 competing award nominations, and 10 finalists.

REB 2019_Seals_Winners_Innovator of the Year (1)

Now in its seventh year, the awards, which are operated by Real Estate Business  Australia’s leading news source for real estate agents, reflect the business astuteness of the nation’s leading real estate operators and networks, as well as its innovators, leaders and property managers who have displayed excellence in the industry.

At a black tie event in the ball room of The Star in Sydney that attracted over 800 industry leaders the Central Coast based firm won national recognition for its delivery of Realm, an AI driven Property Management Assistant, utilising machine learning, Google voice recognition and SMS to interact with their cloud based property management software system.

The judging panel including industry leaders such as Fiona Blaney CEO for Real+, Peter Bromley Exec GM for CoreLogic Australia, Gerard De Valence Senior Lecture UTS and Chris Eves professor of Property from RMIT, David Parker Professor of Property Uni SA, Lisa Montgomery Former EO Consumer Advocate and Peter White ED FBAA.
Other Raine & Horne offices to win national recognition included:
• Raine&Horne Newtown – Property Management business of the year (for 7 or more property managers)
• Elizabeth Hickey, Raine&Horne Ocean Shores – National Rising Star Award

Tenants win from a partnership in innovation

Raine & Horne Terrigal’s partnership with Central Coast Startup Realm Property has resulted in a new service: RHConcierge
RHConcierge allows for renters to have access to their private information such as their rental history, ‘paid to’ dates, inspection dates, and their property manager, as well as the ability to have their maintenance issues looked after quickly and efficiently.

RHConcierge is Raine and Horne Terrigal’s delivery of Property Realm’s AI driven property management assistant CLAIRE, which combines artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning with voice recognition and utilises Google platforms such as Google Home, and smart phones to provide tenants with full access to their tenancy information, held on their real estate agency’s property management software system.

“Property Realm’s Concierge is a world first that has been conceived and developed on the Central Coast,” said Mr Brett Hunter, of Raine & Horne Terrigal, and Vice President of the Real Estate Institute of NSW.

“This type of technology and integration is set to revolutionise the property management sector in Australia.”

“Moreover, tenants across our region are the earliest adopters of Raine&Horne Concierge, which is the next level in access to tenancy information and data through smart AI technology and real-time integration.”

Through R&HConcierge, tenants can now ask any question directly using Google Suite or SMS messages regarding their rental property or the local property market.

Questions renters can ask Google, assistant or SMS and soon, Email.

1. When is my rent due?
2. How much do I owe?
3. Is my rent up to date?
4. When does my lease expire?
5. When can I give notice?
6. Can you send me the number for a plumber?
7. I have a water leak. Can I contact a plumber?
8. My toilet is running. Can you find me a plumber?
9. I have a burst pipe. What should I do?
10. Can I leave a message for my property manager?
11. Who is my property manager?
12. When is my next inspection?
13. Can I schedule my upcoming inspection?
14. I need some steps fixed. Can you help?
15. The window won’t open. Can you find me a handyman?
16. My clothesline is broken. Who do I call?

“The best thing about RHConcierge is that the whole conversation, whether it’s SMS, or google or email, is recorded in the notes file of our system and property managers can see it when they return to work the following day. Not just for after hours, we’re finding many tenants are using it through the day as well” said Mr Hunter

For more information, call 

Brett Hunter 0410 630 222, [email protected]

Patrick Hill 0421 580 699, [email protected]

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