Central Coast startup awarded national Innovator of the Year Award 2019 by REB

September 16, 2019

• Backed by Adman John Singleton, the world-first Artificial Intelligence company beats 50 other award nominations and 10 finalists

After 18 months of development, local tech startup Realm – with significant investment from the John Singleton Group – have successfully launched a world first Artificial Intelligence platform that has wide reaching applications.

From over 50 award nominations, and 10 finalists, Realm have taken out a National award for its delivery of an AI driven digital property management assistant that uses true AI and machine learning with Google voice recognition and SMS to connect renters with their tenancy records.

At a black-tie event last Thursday in the ball room of The Star in Sydney over 800 industry leaders around the country, were entertained wined and dined through the individual awards until the corporate business end of the night; the corporate awards.

The judging panel including industry leaders such as Fiona Blaney CEO for Real+, Peter Bromley Exec GM for CoreLogic Australia, Gerard De Valence Senior Lecture UTS and Chris Eves professor of Property from RMIT, David Parker Professor of Property Uni SA, Lisa Montgomery Former EO Consumer Advocate and Peter White ED FBAA.

Realm founders,
Patrick & Hayley Hill
Winner - REB Innovation Award
Patrick Hill with Brett & Garth Hunter - Raine & Horne Terrigal

Realm a saviour for overworked property managers

There are over 1,000,000 emails and messages received by Australian property managers each day. Realms AI platform takes on the lion share of these administration tasks and will allow property managers to focus on increasing service levels and additional value adding services.
“But there are so many other industries both here and abroad that will benefit from a conversational AI platform,” says Paul Anderson – CEO of John Singleton Group who made the significant initial investment in Realm.
“We like the uniqueness of this product, the innovative design, and the directors’ commitment to their innovation” he added.

Mr Patrick Hill, CEO of Realm said, “We are honoured by this national recognition of our world first AI platform.
“Working with our local partners: Raine&Horne Terrigal we have developed a unique conversational service platform that will revolutionise communications in any service / subscription / or membership industry.
“We are very excited about these new access points and the levels of service they provide to tenants using an existing device such as a phone or Google Home. Said Mr Hill.
“I’m delighted by how rapidly tenants of all demographics whether they be more mature, young, tech savvy or technology challenged on the Central Coast have adopted this new service.
“We are only beginning to understand the benefits of AI for customer service in the real estate marketplace and many other industries.”
Using Realm, tenants can ask via Google, SMS and soon email, hundreds of questions about their tenancy, rent, maintenance requests, rights, to their property manager, along with a wide variety of policies and information about their property manager.
“The use of machine learning AI with a deep integration into the real estate agent’s systems means that there is virtually no question our platform, can’t answer or provide the next steps for the client,” said Mr Hill.

Realm attracts other industry adopters

Working for the last 18 months on a true machine learning Artificial Intelligence platform, Mr Patrick Hill and his team have created a system originally designed for the real estate marketplace but that is now attracting interest from other industry sectors.  

“We’re so honoured to be partnering with the John Singleton Group – their investment and insights into many industries is helping grow our business and find new applications for our true AI platform.

“Local team Raine & Horne Terrigal currently use our platform under the marketing name of RHConcierge. This system notifies the property manager and in some cases the owner, of any action they need to take in response to a tenant request, with all the data entered into the property management system.”

For further information 

Patrick Hill

CEO Realm Australia 

M: 0421 580 699 

E: [email protected]

W: www.propertyrealm.com.au

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