Realm “Group Chat” enables you to have a group conversation with your team, your support staff, admin, suppliers or other agents.

Like all Realm Features, its 100% FREE!

In group chat you can simply talk, share ideas, complete tasks, collaborate on deliveries and much more.

All of this is integrated with our real-estate information service so you can inside the chat window talk about properties, articles, alerts, polls and 3rd party workflow notifications, chat your way every day.


Property Chat

Real Estate property can be shared to a chat window and discussed for team collaboration, notifications or just to share knowledge on a listing or agent selling. 

Once you have found the chat icon just click on it and choose a group or individual you want to chat with. 

Chat Window Bondi

Adding a chat group or a single chat is easy, just click add, then search for the person or persons.

If they are not members yet just click on the “Invite User” and you can invite as many members as you like. 

Once they have joined you can go back and edit a group to add them in.


News & Article Chat

Realm filters the junk and delivers to your inbox quality news articles and alerts direct from our search engine. 

You can then click the chat icon and chat with your groups or individuals over the article.  Share, learn, update, collaborate.

Chat Article

3rd party software firms can integrate with Realm by sending a private channel message to your feed with an action item link as a private article message.  This message arrives as a push notification or feed message and then the member can chat, delegate, work on that item with a team member. 

Perhaps your photographer’s software notifies you that your listing’s photos are ready to approve with a link. You can send that to a chat group or an individual colleague to work on it together. Or maybe you want to open up a chat window with the photographer directly. 

Industry leaders, sophisticated Real Estate brands and top trainers now have access to a national mobile communication platform to keep in touch with their whole network.  Cutting through all the noise competing for air play or simply and quickly engaging a geographically diverse agent network to keep your message top of mind are some of the questions we are answering for you.  With push notifications, direct to mobile alerts, industry specific unified content channels and your own private to network publishing channel for your team they will be the smartest, most well-informed team on the block and your communication will always be top of mind.