Realm Partner Connect

A company dedicated to the betterment of this challenged industry as a whole, our team is driven by the desire to bring to life, the changes  industry professionals  are needing to increase their competitive advantage.

Realm Partner Connect can provide an incredible addition to your service offering, with not only the potential to automate up to 40% of your tenant communications, but also a way for your business to generate an exclusive revenue stream.

Experts in ensuring tenants have a seamless experience transferring their utilities from one rental property to another, Connectnow. and Realm. are partnering with to deliver AI driven communication to every single tenant moving into or out of one of your managed rental properties, ensuring they receive the complimentary service by SMS. 

With the conversation initiated by CLAIRE, Realm’s AI-driven digital assistant when your tenants provide notice of their intention to vacate a property or sign a new residential tenancy agreement with your agency, you can be sure that 100% of your tenants are offered this service, automatically.

Exclusive to clients who work with Connectnow. and Realm, you can increase your revenue and earn a commission with every tenant who uses Connectnow. services. 

Automate the conversation and ensure 100% of both incoming and outgoing tenants are offered the benefits of Connectnow. services.

A fully automated service that truly is set and forget. No team training and no work required to engage tenants in relation to Connectnow. services.

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