COVID-19 – New remote property inspection app protects tenants and property managers

New Remote Property Inspection app Protects Tenants and Property Managers

Realm Australia’s new Rental Property Self-Inspection app supports social distancing while facilitating normal business functions.

Sydney (date): Leading property industry technology solutions firm – Realm Australia, is encouraging property managers to make use  of its new Rental Property Self-Inspection app to help protect staff and tenants from possible exposure to the COVID-19 virus.

The Rental Property Self-Inspection app uses innovative AI technology to facilitate tenants performing remote inspections, with a full report automatically delivered to the property manager for further analysis.

Mr Patrick Hill, CEO and Lead Technologist of Realm Australia, said, “We developed the Rental Property Self-Inspection app in response to industry requests for a solution that minimises on-site interactions during the current COVID-19 crisis.

“What we have delivered with the Rental Property Self-Inspection app is a user-friendly tool that eliminates the need for property managers to go on-site, reduces travel and minimises the need for face to face contact during the COVID-19 crisis.”

The Rental Property Self-Inspection app involves a 3-step process:

Step 1: The property manager enters the tenant’s details and submits the web form. The tenant receives an SMS and email with a dedicated link, asking them to complete the online remote inspection.

Step 2: The tenant completes the required details, attaches photographs where applicable, and submits the web form.

Step 3: The platform collates an Inspection Report with images, and delivers a full report to the Property Manager who initiated the process.

“Self-isolation, quarantine, travel bans – these are all words that no one expected to dominate the news in March 2020. But each of us can play a part in minimising the spread of COVI-19 through social distancing. The Rental Property Self-Inspection app protects both tenants and property managers, while supporting the normal functioning of the property manager’s business – and in particular their obligations to landlords to complete routine maintenance inspections,” said Mr Hill.


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