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Private channels for your organisation means less email and more cut through. Enable your team with Realm Industry Now!

User Experience

Easy to use channels in the user feed mixed with your private organisation's feed means your organisation gets the message across on a world class interface. Easy to use, engaged on a mobile interface. Top of mind!

Private and Secure

Only members of your organisation will see your published information and no body else. So your information is secure and your team gets push alerts, news, polls, information updates and much more an yet no-one else does. All this on world class infrastructure.

Channel Search

Agents can search your published information for quick access to information they need while on the road. Questions, information and answers fast!

Share, Engage and Leverage

Link articles, news and more to your published content giving your existing portals & internal system an engaged mobile channel. We all know the real estate industry is far more engaged on mobile.


Private Channels Mobile 'Enabled'

Your organisation can publish multiple channels to users and deliver private content. Users will have the option to switch on your private and public channels once you have added them to the list of approved users. The channel will not be visible if you have not allowed that user (by email address) to access the channel. Private channels have many, many content publishing options ..

Publishing Capability

Realm private channels have many publishing options right out of the box. With no technical capability required, staff can publish great content, straight to the channel, formatted and mobile ready.

Automated Social Media Content

Realm social media content is provided in a branded format in association and partnership with Real Insights and as a generic format from Realm. Production and delivery is free for the un-branded versions paid for branded social media templates.

Beautiful Content Mobile Enabled

Your published content arrives on the mobile device formatted and delivered on time. Leverage your existing content on the mobile, in the agents hand, top of mind.

Push Alerts

Content arrives on the agents mobile device with push alerts to notify the agent of new content. That alert can then be viewed on their feed, saved and responded to if is a poll.

On Time & Scheduled

Enterprise & highly scaled systems means you can schedule your content to tens of thousands of recipients and it will arrive on a schedule you decide. Giving maximum impact and consumption.


Publish multiple choice, yes/no, free text or ranking polls. Giving you immediate feedback and maximum response rate because the poll is on the their mobile device where your audience likes to hang out.


Publish articles with a link to the original content. This allows you to leverage existing content and then push the agent to read more from an online source (web page) without leaving Realm, making the process seamless, unlike email and other communication platforms.


Publish information in short text alerts. Quick snap shots of info, training and tips. Give your audience an instant message and keep you at top of mind, with their engagement on track and in line with the dialogue you want to create.

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Easy User Management

User management for the private channel is important for operations, reducing time, effort and administration. With that in mind we have a few options for you including an API integration.

Easy Content Management

Content can be published via our online portal where you can schedule, send immediately, setup channels and much more. Alternatively you can use the API to integrate alerts, content and polls via your existing applications. Contact us for more information.

Web Based User Management

Web enabled administration. Log on to your administration portal at Realm and you can add/remove users as you like with no restrictions.

CSV Upload

Refresh your user list with a simple CSV upload. Just export your agents from your existing system and upload to our web management portal.

Web Service

Access our secure web service with an issued key, and synchronize your Realm Private Channel users with your existing systems. This results in ZERO human intervention, completely automated. Perfect for bigger organisations.


Just ask and we can advise on your user management strategy and publishing capability.

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