• ALL Your Real Estate Information, In ONE App!

    News, Articles, Social Media Collages, Local Market Updates, Head Office Communications all in this Australian Industry First!

  • Informed, trained, professional, faster, better.

    Get all your research, news, articles and market updates on one platform, reducing the time required to stay up to date by up to half.

  • 100% of Data Nation Wide! But is it personal?

    You set your area of operation and receive local area updates on WHAT is happening (sales, leases and market changes) every day, week or month. No need to research multiple portals. As close to 100% of Market Activity you can get with no extra work.

  • Social Media, Easy, Automatic

    For Lease, Sold and For Sale social media content delivered direct to your Realm Feed with nothing to do and one click sharing to Social Media.

  • Private Communication Channels for Your Organisation

    Keep your private channels private with API integrated users. This means you get your own app based communications tool. Your brand or organisation can now keep your team up to date and on track with Realm.

  • Group Chat

    Native chat for all content. Set up your team, share what is relevant to you, work on tasks and collaborate.

The real estate market is a highly competitive space. Whether house prices are tracking high or low, it takes skill, experience and the ability to stay up to date and in the know to get the best possible results.

At Realm Australia, we’re dedicated to supporting real estate professionals at all stages of their career, who want to be at the top of their game. In a rapidly changing industry it is harder and harder to stay up to date and well informed while keeping focus.

The Realm phone app and publishing platform provides multi-channel, industry specific communications directly to Agents on their smart phone. With quality, reviewed content, daily news and sales data updates, industry specific alerts relevant to your local area, tips and advice from highly respected trainers and so much more, Realm keeps subscribers informed all levels.

Our mission is to give you everything you need, nothing you don’t, all on one simple mobile application.


Powerful Features with a Purpose!

Realm works for you to reduce the distraction and work required to be on top of all that goes on in the industry. Watch our concept video on what it is and how it works.

Data Updates

Get your daily data updates on Realm. Set your core area and suburbs of interest and have your market updates delivered daily, weekly and monthly on your smartphone for up to 10 suburb areas. No more searching for the relevant statistics.

API Integration

Inside your own private messaging channel, agents (your users) can be messaged directly when they need to know or action something with a link back to the action item in your software. Review, plan your integration and see the API working on swagger.

Private Chat

Streamline your team communications with Realm’s  private chat function. Privately share your top training tips , daily inspirations, market updates, news and information from your Real Estate Institute with your team.


Realm Social enables agents to build their online profile with one-click native social sharing. Share polls, data, news and most importantly, personal performance social-media ready, data rich collages demonstrating their activity.


Realm private channels have many publishing options right out of the box. With no technical capability required, staff can publish great content, straight to the channel, formatted and mobile ready. 

Less email and more cut through!

Content Partners

If you produce regular content for real estate then you should be publishing where your audience hangs out, where better than an industry specific app. With over 19 million smartphone users Australia wide, you can guarantee the agents you are trying to reach are carrying one in their pocket.  

Our Industry Commitment
Realm Industry is proud to support and be the offical communications partner for the P2P Movement.Read more about the Pathway to Professional movement on the official web site.
Realm Industry Principles​
1. Always free for end users, agents, property managers & principals.
Realm Industry Principles​
2. Always work to support Pathway to Professionalism P2P and produce content, tools and technology to strengthen the Real Estate Industry industry.
Realm Industry Principles​
3. Support Head Offices in their desire to engage, support and communicate with their networks and provide key branding and communication tools.
Realm Industry Principles​
4. Bring together the industry advocates, for the benefit of the industry.
Realm Industry Principles​
5. Be the communications ecosystem for the industry.

What does it look like?

Realm gives you a feed of what you need to know, understand and more.... direct to your phone.

A Professional & Skilled Agent Requires Persistent Dedication!

It used to take a lot more work, effort and time. Time that could be spent on dollar productive activities. Let 'Realm' take the heavy lifting out of your real estate journey.

Instant Alerts

Alerts and updates direct to your phone as they happen, across the industry. Now you are in the know!

Market Updates

You get to choose your interested areas of operation by suburb or core area and we alert you when things happen.


Daily training tips from your favorite trainers and industry leaders. Subscribe to one or many industry trainer channels and keep motivated.

Team Chat

Team and group chat designed for real estate. Chat with your teams, streamline communications.

Industry Hot Topics

Get the information you need, on your phone from the industry leaders and publishers you love best.

Market Trends

Market trends over time are important when you are a skilled advisory to your vendors and landlords. We keep you up to date.

Real Estate Institute

Get the latest advocacy information, industry legislation, training events and more direct to your mobile.

Native Social Sharing

Build your online following easily with one click social sharing. Share articles, news, data and personal performance collages delivered with no work.

"This is a game changer. 100% of the data and relevant industry information direct to the agent's mobile phone, perfect!"
Tim McKibbon
"I have seen a lot of platforms come to my offices, this will get cut through!"
Brett Hunter
Director, Raine&Horne Terrigal, Avoca Beach, Saratoga, Erina
"The future of real estate is in the hands of the Agents and Industry Bodies. Without empowered 'Professional Agents' it will not flourish."
Patrick Hill
Real Insights, CEO
Pretty sweet right?Join Realm now!