Introducing CLAIRE, the smartest digital property management assistant to your team will  not only allow your property management team to focus on the highly specific tasks that need their direct attention but also provide a unique point of difference to prospective landlords and tenants alike.  Providing high quality customer service needs to be the core focus of any property management team and CLAIRE will allow your team to do just that.

Join the journey, follow the steps below and and get to know CLAIRE and how you can introduce her to your team and your tenants!


1. Watch Introducing CLAIRE!

Join our CEO, Patrick Hill and LJ Hooker‘s Head of Property Investment Management, Amy Sanderson as they talk about how CLAIRE can add value to your team.

Patrick also answers questions around security and safety of your tenants information, the details of HOW this AI talks to your property management software and the business case for generating income.

  • Where is the value – What can CLAIRE do?
  • How  to implement the AI solution in your office 
  • Why your tenants and landlords will benefit from industry leading technology in your service offering 
  • Understand security and safety of your tenants information 
  • How AI talks to your property management software
  • Generating income for your business.

2. Learn how agencies are using CLAIRE?

Tenant education is crucial to the successful implementation of CLAIRE. Here, we have an example of how Incoming REINSW President and leading Raine & Horne Principal, Brett Hunter is communicating with his agencies tenants via a tenant education video. Marketed as Raine & Horne Concierge Join as he shows Raine & Horne Terrigal’s tenants how simple it is to use CLAIRE to communicate with their property managers at any time of the day or night..

3. View demonstrations of CLAIRE in action.

If you’re wondering how CLAIRE can help your tenants, here are just a couple of demonstrations of her in action. Stay tuned as more videos are added in line with CLAIRE’s fast growing skill set.

4. Examine the value

Drag the below circles to adjust the business case and ROI to suit your property management team for the below benefits.

*Note this is an estimate. Individual office outcomes vary depending on many factors like change management capablity. 

Property Management Wage (FTE) Cost Savings with CLAIRE

A good estimate is 45% if you switch on all of our modules and release it as recommended.
Properties affect your total compounded saving below for things like maintenance, rental arrears and tenant conversations.
This is calculated as percentage of rentals that fall behind at 1 day or more in a given month.
Total emails your PM team have to manage daily. This on average per PM is 80-100. We assume 2 min handle time (1 min saving) per email multiplied by cost of staff wages.
Alternate low friction multi choice channels like CLAIRE on web form, phone calls, google assistant, sms and concierge reduces this by a multiple of the percentage.
Every property has how many correspondances. It can be less than one as a decimal. So if you have 500 properties and you do 250 tenant enquires per month this is 0.5 enquires per tenancy.
How long do you spend dealing with a tenant enquiry on average.
Total mantanance time is calculated as 1. Time to gather requirements + 2. Time to enter into job system, 3. Time to follow up, 4. Time to close, confirm quality resolution and enter notes.
Calculates the saving of Routine Inspections Onsite ($80 Industry average) VS Routine Inspections as Remote.
Calculation is:
(wage per hour * total hours spent monthly + Email Time + Arrears Time Saving + Phone Calls + Maintenance Tasks + Routine Inspections)
* % Automated
Time Savings

Better Services with Leading Technology Leads to Increased Managements

New Landlord Opportunities Signed Due to Differentiation * Management Fees
New Revenue

5. Lets get CLAIRE working for you!

Ready to add the industry’s smartest AI driven Property Management Assistant to your team?  You can begin the journey in one of 3 ways. 

  • Book an on-boarding meeting with Realm’s dedicated on-boarding team. This option will allow you to be guided through the on-boarding portal and answer questions related to the portal, account set up and your settings. 
  • Self Service on-boarding for the tech savvy. This option allows you to set up your account independently right through to LIVE.
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