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Talks to your 'Property Management Software' giving accurate information 24/7!

How Does Realm Automate the Work Load

Talks to your 'Property Management Software' giving accurate information 24/7!

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Property Management Wage (FTE) Cost Savings with CLAIRE

A good estimate is 45% if you switch on all of our modules and release it as recommended.
Properties affect your total compounded saving below for things like maintenance, rental arrears and tenant conversations.
This is calculated as percentage of rentals that fall behind at 1 day or more in a given month.
Total emails your PM team have to manage daily. This on average per PM is 80-100. We assume 2 min handle time (1 min saving) per email multiplied by cost of staff wages.
Alternate low friction multi choice channels like CLAIRE on web form, phone calls, google assistant, sms and concierge reduces this by a multiple of the percentage.
Every property has how many correspondances. It can be less than one as a decimal. So if you have 500 properties and you do 250 tenant enquires per month this is 0.5 enquires per tenancy.
How long do you spend dealing with a tenant enquiry on average.
Total mantanance time is calculated as 1. Time to gather requirements + 2. Time to enter into job system, 3. Time to follow up, 4. Time to close, confirm quality resolution and enter notes.
Calculates the saving of Routine Inspections Onsite ($80 Industry average) VS Routine Inspections as Remote.
Calculation is:
(wage per hour * total hours spent monthly + Email Time + Arrears Time Saving + Phone Calls + Maintenance Tasks + Routine Inspections)
* % Automated
Time Savings

Better Services with Leading Technology Leads to Increased Managements

New Landlord Opportunities Signed Due to Differentiation * Management Fees
New Revenue