Property Realm

The Property Manager Virtual Assistant that saves time and automates the repetitive stuff! Stand out and Convert More Landlord's with Better Service!

The Renters Personal Assistant

Talks to your 'Property Management Software' giving accurate information 24/7!

24/7 Support for your tenants

Ensure your agency is in the best possible position to support your tenants with industry leading technology. Give the prospective tenant incentive to choose this property and access 24/7 customer support, instead of the usual frustrations they face when tackling maintenance issues & accessing their rental information. Allow their tenancy to run more smoothly and let your landlords see first hand, the benefits of happier long term tenants using your service!

Landlord Satisfaction

Your landlords and prospective clients can rest easy knowing they have an agency supporting the people managing their biggest assets with market leading technology resulting in reduced vacancy & happier long term tenants. This truly is a point of difference in your service offering!

High staff turnover no more!

It's no secret that there is a high turnover of property management staff in the industry. Imagine being able to address some of the top causes of this costly dynamic in your business. If your property managers are Stressed & burnt out, have low job satisfaction and are disempowered by clunky, inefficient systems, Property Realm can address all of those for you immediately. Automate a huge portion of your contact with tenants and allow your team to focus their energies on what really matters.

Your Agency + Property Realm = Market Leader

Market Leading. What does this mean? Here it means being the FIRST in your area to provide unrivalled services that surpasses that of your competition. Enjoy the benefits of happy tenants, happy landlords, more potential clients and happy, satisfied property management teams: - Increased PM job satisfaction = more productive team members - Increased value of existing team and/or decreased head count = higher efficiency among the team - Reduced Vacancies = Happy landlords - Point of difference = More landlords And you know what this means!

Unrivalled excellence in customer service

Your tenants can access the support they need 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. From leaking taps, blocked toilets, rent queries, asking permission to make minor changes to the property or lease, Property Realm has you covered. If your tenant needs to know when their rent is due on a Saturday night, just ask. If they need to notify your team that there is a maintenance request on a Tuesday night when the dishwasher breaks, They don't have to wait until the office opens next to speak to someone.

How Does Realm Automate the Work Load

Talks to your 'Property Management Software' giving accurate information 24/7!

Renters Assistant = Happy Renters

Now as a renters we can get all the information we need in a fraction of the time, 24 hours a day 7 days a week on our mobiles or on a google home device in a natural and easy way. Yep, getting information and help has come to the 21st Century with google home and google assistant where they can talk to the assistant and get things like "When is my rent due? Contact a plumber, send a locksmith or send a message to my property manager, all in record time and hands free"! Now, when you are at home and using the sink, making dinner, trying to put the dishwasher on and it breaks you can just ask google to talk to Property Realm and arrange a repair. What about if your rent is overdue? Yep, you can just say the word and you can pay your rent directly into the agency's account immediately.

Your team's time is too valuable!

Your property management team can spend less time responding to basic tenant questions and issues and spend their time on the more specialised tasks they were employed to tackle. Best of all, at the end of the conversation with your tenant, Property Realm will notify the property manager with an an email with the conversation log included, Realm notifications of any actions they need to take and all of the data entered into your property management software system for you. Does't that sound better than the way you're dealing with tenant communication now?

Property Realm

Tenants can ask Property Realm hundreds of questions about their tenancy, their rent, maintenance requests, renters rights, a wide variety of policies and information about their property manager.

SMS Conversations

Realm AI operates over SMS too! This means close to 100% of the population in any demographic can self help and save you time, stress and money.

Realm Property Manager Demo's

Enterprise Plan
Unlimited Properties & Property Managers
$1 / month / property
  • $99 Setup Fee
  • $55 Minimum Monthly Spend
  • Unlimited Offices
  • Free Messaging on Realm App
  • Free Integration
  • SMS @ 10c / SMS (charged per integration)
  • SMS & Email Automation
  • Google Home
  • Google Assistant
  • Switch to Pay Per Use at any time
Pay Per Use
Unlimited Properties & Property Managers
$3/ conversation
  • $99 Setup Fee
  • $55 Minimum Monthly Spend
  • Unlimited Offices
  • Free Messaging on Realm app
  • Free Integration
  • SMS @ 50c / SMS (charged per integration)
  • SMS & Email Automation
  • Google Home
  • Google Assistant
  • Switch to Enterprise at any time

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