Property Realm Integration


  • The integration with Property Realm will require the capability to read and write to your property management software.
  • All customer interactions will be logged in your property management software.
  • Maintenance requests will be logged against the respective Property Manager.
  • You have a choice between “price per property” or “price per conversation” plus SMS (outbound) costs.
  • The data exchange between Property Realm and your property management software will take place each night after hours.
  • Any changes to the onboarding details may have an adverse effect so tread lightly
  • You will have a market differentiator to better serve your customers whilst allowing your staff to focus on higher value activities, saving time and money while increasing efficiency.
  • Your customers will be able to take advantage of a new AI service, 24/7 receiving and responding via Google Home & assistant, SMS and email.

On-boarding pre-requisites

  • Dedicated log in to your property management software to facilitate integration between Property Realm and your property management software. – This email should not be associated with a particular person as any changes to the email account may inadvertently impact the integration. We recommend creating an email address specifically for this integration eg. [email protected] or [email protected]
  • Your email service details and/or your external provider
  • Credit Card details for billing
  • A test property and tenant created in your property management account for demonstration
    • Use a gmail address in the email field to demonstrate the AI on the Google device or mobile phone using Google Assistant.
    • Use a mobile phone number you are happy to use in demonstration.
  • A Google home / smart speaker up and running
    •  -You may regard this as a nice to have, but if you recognise this area of AI being of use, then this is a great way to test the Property Realm solution – also, a working example.
  • Select your default tradespeople/suppliers (Plumber, Electrician, Locksmith & Handyman) to be contacted for emergencies after hours and create and assign the correct labels in your  property management software account: 
    • Plumber Default
    • Electrician Default
    • Handyman Default
    • Locksmith Default
  •  In the event that your rent roll covers a large area or multiple geographical locations, you can define suppliers based on postcode. The tags will direct your tenants to your preferred local supplier. You can assign multiple postcodes to each supplier if required, and you can assign as many primary tags as you need for your account and this can be done any combination of the four supplier types. This will be defined before your first support meeting.