Realm “Social” enables the agent or property manager to easily share social media content from the perspective of their own activity or area of interest. 

Like all Realm Features, its 100% FREE for Realm produced content. Social sharing could be an industry article, data, area statistics or personal activity which is what is detailed below.

In the users personal feed agents and property managers receive social media content that is either branded or generic depending on their Head Offices setup.

All of this is integrated with our real-estate information service so you can share it to Facebook, chat about it in your feed, download to your mobile for other marketing uses like bulk email sends. articles, alerts, polls and 3rd party workflow notifications.

Collage Feed

Sharing Is Easy

Sharing and downloading collages is easy. From your feed your latest sale, for sale or for lease comes up already produced and ready for social media. 

Then with one click you can share to social media. No graphics work, no logging onto other publishing systems, delivered every day, on time formatted perfectly for social. 

Your online profile gets a boost and you don’t have your time wasted. You can then boost your post on the social media of choice. 


In partnership with Real Insights and their branding, marketing & statistics capability we have released Promo. 

Promo is a product Real Insights developed and is integrated with Realm via our API. Promo is branded marketing materials delivered on the Real Insights Feed. 

Branded templates are provided on a trial basis for many brands but if you would like a different template you can ask your Marketing Manager from your respective Head Office to contact Real Insights from the below link. Include the Marketing, CEO or Head of Growth details so we can follow up for you. 

RECENT For Lease v3
The Agency

Data-rich Social Templates
Zero Work
Automatically Delivered
Just Share

Social media based market updates have never been more easy. Head office sets the template. We send the templates filled out throughout the month to ALL brand staff and all you have to do is click share. 

Now you have branded, head office approved social media content based on what is happening in the market. 

  • Builds your “Respected Expert Online Profile” easily
  • Automation saves you time and effort on market updates
  • Fully branded means your layout & your brand is the hero making your more recognisable
  • Reporting on the market becomes a respected service as the Local Agency.
  • Details can have:

Agent Details, Agency Details, Photo, Logo, Days on Market, Average Sale Price, Total Sold and much more. 


General Market Updates

Comparison Market Updates


Branded Social Media

The branded social media posts are provided automatically just like the un-branded ones. The template is defined by “Head Office” or we can design one on their behalf. Then like the un-branded ones we deliver them to your feed whenever you sell or list a property for sale or for lease.  Branded content is free to agents.

You can then share and download for use anywhere you like. Saving time, effort and allowing for complete brand control by head office across the network. 

The intent of Realm and Real Insights in this product is to provide easily accessible media at a very low price with easy sharing and low effort making the agent more efficient and as a whole the industry stronger. 

Patrick Hill

CEO Real Insights


If you are from a head office marketing team and you would like to take advantage of our platform then you can read more from this page on all the enterprise functionality when you get the Realm Advantage.

Next steps to update our provided demonstration template or you would like a template:

  1. Contact Real Insights Here
  2. Real Insights can create a template or you can create your own
  3. Your templates are uploaded and the system scales up to deliver the perfectly formatted social feeds
  4. Hosting costs are minimal but necessary to keep the system going and are payable by Head Office
  5. You now have social media content branded and compliant for your whole network, controllable and changeable in an instant. 

What if I received an email or was shared this content.

If you received an email with this content then what do I need to do?

1. Download Realm from the below button to get advanced sharing capability on social media for your content promoting yourself online with ease. This will override email sharing and you will get the content delivered to the Realm App only.

2. If you don’t want to receive these emails any more click “Unsubscribe” at the bottom of the email you were sent, we will be sorry to see you go 🙁