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Realm is excited to share this offer from Thankyou with our loyal publishers, subscribers, the Real Estate industry as a whole as well as your loved ones and friends! Now, when you buy for your clients you can make an impact on the world and do it at a wholesale price. In case you haven't heard about the Thankyou brand, please take the time to read their 'About Us' story and understand why we chose to provide offers like these to you. Try not to be inspired!

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Empowering Humanity to choose a world without poverty.

There’s a darkness in our world. 1 billion people live in extreme poverty. 
It’s made darker by the fact that in this same world, extreme consumerism exists.
Each day as consumers, we give billions of dollars to the world’s largest multinationals for everyday products.
Together, we think it’s time to bring the light.

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