The importance of a service mindset

The Importance of a Service Mindset

As an industry that is entirely built on serving the needs of others, it is still often necessary to ponder where your business places when it comes to the level and quality of customer service it provides and the impact that has on your clients, your team and your bottom line. Here’s a story I heard recently that will give a glimpse of what I’m talking about.

A CEO of an innovative tech company was once in the offices of well-known real estate software company, Rockend, with CEO Alister Maple-Brown and Executive Director, Tony Maple-Brown ready to give an important presentation and the technology wasn’t working. As the head of their IT department tried valiantly to enable the connection and allow the presentation to play, the Executive Director took over, getting himself down under the table and pulling out cables, re-configuring everything within minutes. As he did this, the CEO looked on and remarked, “This” he said gesturing to the man under the table. “This is why Rockend has the reputation of having the BEST customer service in the industry. For 40 years, every employee here has watched Tony racing around the office solving problems for everyone from clients to staff with care and attention. Customer service is in our DNA, its bred into us.”

After hearing that story, something occurred to me: this is the same as the principal who spends his lunch hour on the roof fetching childrens’ wayward tennis balls or the doctor who stays far past an acceptable hour to personally return his anxious patients calls. For some of us, the drive to serve is innate and for some it’s learned. Now, I’m not suggesting becoming a workaholic or burning yourself out but simply that everything you do, is from the perspective of creating an incredible experience for all whose path you cross by focusing on what you can do to bring value to their lives.

You see, when our customers, our clients, our partners and our team feel cared for they feel valued. And people who feel valued will be your biggest advocates, hardest workers and of course, your loyal return business.

In an industry, built on these principles, an attitude of service is absolutely essential to not only your success but to your very survival.


For Tanja Jones – leading coach, author, speaker & REB Awards’ Industry thought leader of the Year & Wellness Advocate of the year for 2019 – this topic is one close to her heart. Tanja knows that  her service mindset is the absolute core of her business as well as her passion. She’s offered the following comment for readers to reflect upon.

 “International research shows that ‘people buy people, not products’. Consider they buy us, they buy our energy and our energy can be either ‘transactional’ (self-oriented) or ‘relational’ (service-oriented). With real estate being the third least trusted profession in Australia for the past 4 years, according to Roy Morgan Image of Trusted Professions and Core Logic vendor and buyer research highlighting that what they want most is ‘trust and transparency’, it is vital we get our focus off ourselves and our personal agenda and be totally service-focussed. It’s all about demonstrating how we can fulfil our clients’ needs through the privilege of partnering the sale of their biggest asset.”

Tanja M Jones | CEO | TMJ COACHING

Meet Baris

Baris Ozturk is a customer experience executive with a passion for humanising products and services.

He has helped many companies including Gumtree and Sensis redefine customer service and experience without compromising the customer’s experience.

His philosophy begins with asking the right questions in order to build the right products, the right way. Baris is a customer-obsessed executive who uses data to define and optimise processes and systems. 

In his role of headof customer experience, Baris leads and develops the insights, training support and consultant teams to be more efficient and effective at the jobs customers hire Rockend for.

Meet Tanja

As a leadership and mindset specialist Tanja has advised thousands of leaders and teams both nationally and internationally since starting the company.

Tanja’s big game is to elevate real estate leaders and agents ability to build trust and transparency within the communities they have the privilege to serve and she recently partnered with Core Logic to complete the first of its kind study, The Real eSTATE of Leadership, with a full report of findings soon to be available for download on our homepage.

As an NLP master practitioner and trainer Tanja is fascinated with the study of human excellence and considers herself a student of human potential, having spent almost 30 years learning the subject.

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