Why You'll Love The Realm Platform

Built by the industry and in consultation with industry leaders like the Real Estate Institutes of Australia. The result was nothing short of perfect for Agents. A free app, with all the data, updates, information and statistics, on your mobile with nothing to do. Just great information perfectly tailored for the agent who wants to be great!

It's Awesome for News and Articles

You set your content providers, from favorites like The Real Estate Institute of your state, REB, Domain, Realestate.com.au, ABC News, and many more, we search, curate, filter and alert you, sending just the news, articles and information you will be interested in. With over 40 sources of information you won't miss out at all.

Social Sharing.. Done Easily

We all know social sharing is a powerful tool in building an online network of followers and future clients. The issue is it takes time, effort and processes. What if the content turned up on your 'Realm Feed' formatted for social sharing on platforms like Facebook. With one click sharing your: - Past Performance - Industry Activity - Sucess Stories - Industry Expert Data - Social Ready Images - For Sale, Sold, For Lease Information Helping you build your personal brand for free.

What does it look like?

Realm gives you a feed of what you need to know, understand and more.... direct to your phone.